PSIPSE's Learning Partner

Mathematica Policy Research is a nonpartisan research organization dedicated to improving public well-being. As the PSIPSE’s monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) partner, Mathematica engages in a variety of research and strategic learning activities to support the initiative’s mission of catalyzing change in secondary education. Thus far, Mathematica has conducted a review of literature on secondary education, assessed the secondary education context in focus countries, developed a comprehensive MEL framework for the initiative, engaged in a portfolio-wide monitoring effort, and synthesized lessons learned across the PSIPSE portfolio.

Learning Products:

Previous Learning Partners

Results for Development (R4D) served as the learning partner for PSIPSE from 2013-2014. R4D’s role was to serve as a high-level evaluator and a synthesizer of learnings from the projects that the donor collaborative supports in India, Nigeria, and East Africa. One of the distinctive features of this work was a collaboration with a local partner or individual consultant in each of the three regions where the donors’ grantees are based. R4D worked with three well-established local partners to support grantees’ work: The Education Partnership Centre (TEP Centre) in Nigeria, The Centre for Social Sector, Education, and Policy Analysis (CSSEPA) in East Africa, and Catalyst Management Services (CMS) in India. Local learning partners provided on-the-ground technical guidance (including but not limited to monitoring and evaluation (M&E) support), synthesized lessons learned, and hosted a regional convening to connect grantees and other stakeholders. Additionally, partners helped support the development of an online Community of Practice hosted on R4D’s Center for Education Innovations (CEI).