2014 RFP

Avanti Fellows: Peer Collaboration for Quality Secondary School Education: A teacher-independent pedagogy to create self-directed learners at Chennai's Municipal Schools. 

Friends of the British Council: Pudumai Palli Project: Developing Innovative Schools In Chennai (P3DISC)

Education Support Organization (Gyan Shala/Insaan Group): Open high school for excluded children in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Paragon Charitable Trust: Improving access and retention in secondary education in PSIPSE countries: What can we learn from existing large-scale resources? 

2013 RFP

Aga Khan Foundation: To develop and test an alternative secondary education model that includes hard and soft skills training for out-of-school youth in Hyderabad.

American India Foundation: In support of a project to create demand for and promote retention in secondary education in Gujarat.

Centre for Budget and Policy Studies: In support of research on Open and Distance Learning.

Going to School Fund: In support of an initiative that uses storytelling to teach employment-relevant and transferable skills to students in grades 8 and 9 in Bihar, India, with the goal of promoting transition to and retention in secondary school.

International Center for Research on Women: To adapt and test an in-school model that engages industry and prospective employers to help prepare girls for employment after completing secondary school in India.

Lend-A-Hand India: To teach employment-relevant skills to secondary school children in the rural state of Gujarat, India.

STIR Education: To convene networks of educators in secondary education to identify, test, and scale promising innovations that improve teaching and learning outcomes in India.

2012 RFP

Educational Initiatives Pvt Ltd: In support of a benchmarking study to assess language and math achievement of 9th and 10th grade students in government and private schools in the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan. 

ERU Consultants: To support a study evaluating the impacts of gender composition of teachers on secondary education, including the demand for education among girls and their parents. 

Akanksha Fund: In support of an initiative to train a new generation of school leaders in order to improve learning outcomes among low-income children in India.

Pratham: In support of the Pratham Open School model, an intervention designed to reach girls at risk of dropping out of school and to re-engage those who have already left the formal education system.

Population Council: To fund the design and evaluation of a pilot intervention in a rural district in the state of Gujarat, India, to support adolescent girls’ transition to and retention in secondary education and to improve learning outcomes by increasing parental and community engagement.