Grantee Convenings

Every year the PSIPSE hosts convenings in order to bring together PSIPSE grantees, donors, regional policymakers, and other key stakeholders in focus regions/countries. The objectives for these convenings include:

Peer Learning: Reflect on experiences to-date; share information, results, and learnings on innovation in secondary education; and explore possible solutions for addressing challenges and constraints in this space.
Networking: Strengthen connections among grantees; identify areas of collaboration among education organizations at the national, regional, and global levels; and support peer-to-peer networking, particularly across key thematic areas.
Technical Support: Provide organizations with targeted support and assistance around technical areas such as scale-up, communications, and monitoring and evaluation.
Policy Maker Engagement: Build relationships with key actors and stakeholders in the secondary education space in focus countries and explore approaches and opportunities for successful policy engagement.

The first PSIPSE convening was co-hosted by R4D and CMS in Jaipur, India on India in November 2013. The second PSIPSE Convening was co-hosted by R4D and CSSEPA in took place in Nairobi, Kenya in March 2014. The third PSIPSE Convening was co-hosted by R4D at the TEP Centre and took place in Lagos, Nigeria in January 2015. In 2016, PSIPSE hosted smaller grantee convenings in Nigeria and India as well as a full-scale convening in East Africa. The 2016 East Africa Grantee Convening took place in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in June 2016. Co-hosted by PSIPSE and VSO Tanzania, the event brought together over 100 participants from 30 PSIPSE-funded organizations in East Africa. Reports from each convening can be found below: