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Monitoring Evaluation and Learning – Developing and Using Theories of Change and Logic Models* Monitoring Evaluation and Learning – Designing and executing an impact study using a web-based tool* IIEP Portal Workshop Research Skills – “Demystifying and using evidence” How to do data driven decision making How to develop a business case Organizational culture and purpose Human Centered Design (design thinking)* Building organizational capacity – recruiting and retaining a team Scaling Up – Beginners Workshop* Scaling Up – Intermediate/Advanced Workshop
*Most workshops will run 1.5 hours. Workshops on MEL (both), Scale-up (beginner), and Design Thinking will run for 3-hours and partipcants will continue in those session in place of the the “Closing Session: Immunity to Change Workshop” through the end of day two
Teacher Development and Support - Includes: Teacher Training and Capacity Building; Teacher Motivation 21st Century Skills - Includes: Entrepreneurship Education; Employability; Assessment of Soft Skills Community and Parental Engagement and Mobilization Open Schools and Distance Models Girls Education Inclusive Education for Marginalized Youth -Includes: Youth with disabilities; pastoralist communities Education in Emergencies
*Peer Consultancies offer a tailor-made opportunity for participants to present a challenge they face with their projects other participants who serve as their personal “board of advisors”. Using a structured format, advisors offer probing questions, constructive feedback, and targeted advice on how to approach the challenge. These consultancies are designed to not just benefit the presenter, but also those serving as advisors through exposure to new problem sets, relevant insights, and applicable leadership lessons
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MEL 1:1 Sign-up:

The PSIPSE’s Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) partner, Mathematica Policy Research, will be available at the convening to provide individualized MEL support to PSIPSE grantees during one-on-one break-out sessions.  During these sessions, which will last around 90 minutes, Mathematica team members can help grantees begin to develop a theory of change or logic model, brainstorm potential indicators for monitoring purposes, discuss plans for data collection and/or analysis, or weigh options for different evaluation designs (e.g. comparisons over time or between different groups, quantitative versus qualitative approaches, etc.).  Drawing on their experience working with similar types of organizations, in the field of education, and on the African continent, Mathematica’s team can help your organization take the first steps toward developing a strong MEL framework for your project, or they can help you refine and polish a particular component of the MEL framework your organization is already using. Whether you are looking for someone to brainstorm with, or a seasoned MEL expert who can provide targeted technical assistance, Mathematica’s team looks forward to working with you.

How to sign up: Please sign up for these sessions in advance of the convening through this sign-up sheet and specify what aspect of MEL you would like Mathematica’s assistance with. As these sessions will be running parallel to the convening, we encourage you to refer to the convening agenda to inform your selection of a time slot. (Note that any sessions not claimed in advance will be available for grantees to sign up for in person at the convening.)

Prep: Once signed up, Mathematica will be reaching out to you by email with more details. If possible, please share a clear description of the project’s objectives and activities (no more than 1 page written) and any existing MEL tools such as the project’s (draft) logic model, monitoring forms, baseline data collection instruments, etc. You can still sign up even if you are not able to complete this in advance, but you will be able to get more out of your time with Mathematica if they are able to review these documents in advance.